Risk & Disaster Management

Risk Management is an attempt to reach out into the uncertainty of the future and bring it under control, in order to achieve the objectives of an organisation. This can be achieved through a process of identification, assessment, evaluation and treatment of risk.


Once undertaken, professional risk management can help an organisation achieve its objectives through the awareness and management of risk, thereby creating a climate for entrepreneurship and exploitation of new opportunities in a challenging competitive environment.


Disaster management involves preparing for a disaster before it happens, disaster response (e.g. emergency evacuation, quarantine, mass decontamination, etc.), as well as supporting, and rebuilding after natural or human-made disasters have occurred.


Risk Management Within The Wine Industry


Due to the nature of winemaking, the winemaking process has periods where the property is at more risk than at other times.


We have found that over the years of insuring wine companies, the claim frequency for loss of wine stock is higher during the early stages of Vintage and the final stages of wine processing prior to and/or during bottling.


It is at these times that the wine companies need to be more vigilant in their handling and processing of wine stock.


The majority of claims involving wine stock occur through human error.  Therefore the monitoring and supervision of the wine process is paramount to reduce and minimise potential loss.


Common errors that occur and result in wine loss are during the time of tank transfers, hose pumps not connected correctly or secured to the wine tanks during processing.  For these circumstances we encourage what we call a “fire watch”, i.e. once you have connected the hose for the tank transfer or pumping, don’t immediately leave, make sure that the transfer is proceeding as normal, as the majority of the hose disconnections occur within the first few seconds.


Another common error is transferring wine from one tank to another and there is inadvertently wine already in that tank.  This is a common occurrence and therefore requires diligent monitoring to minimise the circumstance.


The majority of other risk controls are common to most industries.


Please refer to our checklist under our Risk Management page.