Legal Advice & Information

Due to the intricacies of the wine industry and issues such as overseas market requirements and the contracts associated with the use of contract winemaking, bottling and storage faciltiies it is imperative that the correct legal advice is sought, and provided by, a specialist with a deep understanding of the industry.


We work closely with John Barker Law to ensure our products and advice is accurate and up to date and, in turn, they work closely with our clients directly to ensure they are receiving the correct legal advice to work in conjunction with their insurance programme.


John Barker Law is a boutique firm offering strategic legal and policy expertise to the food and beverage sector with a special emphasis on wine and other alcoholic beverages.

Combining specialised legal skills with extensive experience in government and industry, John Barker Law delivers strategic and outcome-focussed advice to provide a clear regulatory pathway from production through to the global market.

Their services are aimed at producers, exporters, service providers, industry bodies and government organisations and add value to clients by:

  • offering highly specialised expertise and first-hand experience in key areas;
  • minimising the cost of maintaining in-house capacity by providing access to relevant expertise on an ‘as-needed’ basis;
  • minimising the cost and risk of regulatory non-compliance, market access and intellectual property problems by developing proactive approaches;
  • offering an independent perspective, experienced at taking a sector-wide view encompassing national and international trends;
  • offering experience that spans many markets with strong global networks to draw on for the right strategic legal and policy advice.


For more information you can contact John Barker Law directly at