Product Recall & Contamination

Could your business withstand the effects of product contamination or tamper, leading to a product recall?


Companies operating in the food and beverage industry, including wineries, are vulnerable to product contamination, tamper or extortion. Regardless of how sophisticated your safety programme and quality management plans are, or how many precautions are taken, both accidental contaminations and product tampering can and do occur.


In some cases the problem may have a devastating effect on your company’s reputation and financial viability, especially when the contamination has the potential to cause bodily injury, or affects a large volume of stock. A single incident and any subsequent media coverage can pose a significant threat to consumer confidence, hard-won retail space, important contracts, market share, brand credibility, reputation and profit.


Gold Medal Vintage Contaminated Products Insurance can protect businesses from the potentially devastating effects of such incidents.


Insured events include:

  • Accidental Contamination;

  • Malicious Product Tampering;

  • Product Extortion;

  • Reported Contamination;

  • Intentionally Imapaired Ingredients; and

  • Government Recall.


Following an Insured event the following costs can be covered under the policy:

  • Recall Costs;

  • Business Interruption;

  • Third Party Recall Costs;

  • Rehabilitation Expenses;

  • Consultant Costs;

  • Product Extortion Costs;

  • Replacement Costs.