The export nature of the wine industry requires an insurer well represented overseas and with the facilities to offer insurance in the United States and Canada.  For these reasons we have chosen ACE Insurance as the Gold Medal Liability insurance provider. 


ACE has offices in over 50 countries and can provide insurance in over 140.  With their base being in the USA they are experienced in providing cover in that difficult jurisdiction.


The standard cover under the Public & Products Liability insurances is $2,000,000 but higher limits are recommended especially for exports to USA, Canada or Australia.


Whilst Product Liability insurances have an automatic exclusion for claims relating to Genetically Modified Organisms the Gold Medal policy provides a $100,000 defence cover in respect of such claims.


The Employers & Statutory Liability policy is for $500,000.  This insures legal defence costs for prosecutions under Health & Safety; Resource Management and Fair Trading Acts and the like.  Where permitted by law, fines and penalties are also insured.